Meet Anthony... Our Resources & Energy Team Leader

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Meet Anthony... Our Resources & Energy Team Leader

As Western Australia’s mining sector starts its renaissance, Anthony Blair remains unfazed as he has seen it all before and can’t wait for the intensity that comes with the up-cycle.

Anthony, who heads up Titan Recruitment’s Resources & Energy division, attributes his lengthy career in engineering recruitment to his love for the sector saying each day is different. “I get to deal with, and help, a wide range of people and find it fascinating to hear of people’s experiences and stories on the different projects" 

His earliest assignment was placing people on BHP’s new mine to port facilities in Port Hedland some fourteen years ago, and these days he’s involved in finding people to drive the new mining projects and the ongoing requirements to maintain the $60-billion Gorgon and Wheatstone projects.

Over the years, Anthony has heard it all; the boom and bust stories, the project highlights and the interesting facts that people are generally not aware of. ‘Did you know that the distance from the ocean surface to the bottom of the reservoir is 5x the tallest building in the world’, he recalls from a discussion on the Gorgon project.

The point is Anthony knows engineering; let’s find out what else makes Anthony’s work-week tick…

What’s involved in your role?

I manage and mentor a team of seven consultants who are responsible for all facets of sourcing engineering and technical professionals from mechanical, electrical, structural through to civil and designers for the infrastructure type projects. The team is quite experienced and they get on with it so it’s more about giving direction and purpose.

Three words that describe your team?

Diverse, efficient and hungry to succeed.

Name something that makes you laugh out loud at work?

I get to work in an environment where we laugh out loud all the time. We have diverse personalities and the jousting between my team and the Technology team is friendly competition, and funny!

Can you tell me about your team’s most recent work high/accomplishment?

The build-up we are seeing in mining over the last few months has seen the team continue to meet expectations. This is through their tenacity and going the extra mile with clients.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in engineering?

To study hard and get good grades as this will give you a good first step with the big end of town. Know what discipline you’re passionate about and have a focus on what you want to be.

What’s the one most important thing you need to get done this month?

Right now, the focus is to ensure that we have the talent to respond to upcoming requirements, particularly in the mining sector, as our clients’ needs continue to grow.

What mantra do you live by?

Work hard but make sure to spend quality time with family and friends. Balance is important.

Name something you are passionate about and how do you pursue it?

All sports and AFL in particular. Being from Sydney, I played rugby league and union, and soccer but since moving here I’m now a mad keen AFL Hawks supporter. I go to the games here and also travel to Melbourne to watch them play from time to time.

Name three famous people, past or present, you would choose to have dinner with, and why?

Tiger Woods – he was well on his way to being the greatest golfer of all time; Bruce Willis – for his dry humour and love his action movies; Donald Trump – have to hear what he has to say and the real truth on how he got to be President of the USA.

Complete this sentence:  On weekends, you will usually find me…

Tied up with kids' sport and family commitments during the day, and by night, enjoying a cold beer with friends.