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Adrian Nathanielsz

  • Manager - Technology
  • Technology

  • Perth

  • Adrian has been involved in the IT industry for over 20 years. With such extensive experience within large international companies, he has witnessed the IT industry transform how we live today.


    Working across various industries and with multi-disciplined, multi-site teams across all facets of business has given Adrian unique insight into the dynamics of his client’s businesses.


    Since joining the Titan team in 2019, Adrian’s wide-ranging knowledge of the IT industry has been an indispensable asset.  His past senior managerial positions in Australia’s leading systems integrators and telecommunication companies have given him an in-depth understanding of building a productive workplace culture in tech businesses. Also, in staying current on leading technologies and the specific skills experience that candidates need to thrive in the tech industry, Adrian is distinctively qualified when it comes to finding the ideal candidate for his clients. 


    The client is at the centre of everything that Adrian does. He firmly believes that the recruitment process is not about finding an available person for the job, but instead finding the best person out there for the job and seeking them out to bring them on board.