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Anthony Blair

  • Manager - Resources & Energy
  • Engineering

  • Perth

  • Anthony has been working with Titan as the Manager for Resources & Energy since November 2017. With extensive previous recruitment experience across both Perth and Brisbane, Anthony has undertaken several leadership roles, managing teams of up to eight consultants, specialising in white-collar engineering. Titan is building its reputation as the best agency for technical engineering and IT recruitment in WA, and Anthony plans to only further the growth of his network to continue to support business initiatives and drive change in the Energy and Resources sector.


    Anthony currently manages five consultants, specialising in recruiting engineers and designers of all disciplines, project managers, project control specialists, contract engineers, construction supervisors, and administration staff. He holds an excellent understanding of leading technologies driving change in the industry, enabling a unique perspective on a project's needs. Partnering with clients in the Energy and Resources sector is very inspiring for Anthony, as he builds trusted relationships and opens doors to opportunities for candidates. In this process, he is thrilled to be a part of the progressive strides taken within the industry by his clients.