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Anthony Wood

  • Senior Consultant
  • Engineering

  • Brisbane

  • Anthony Wood is a senior consultant based in our Brisbane office. He has had a lengthy career in engineering recruitment across Queensland and New South Wales specialising in design and construction, building services, mineral processing and a variety of engineering disciplines.

    In a few short words, tell us about yourself

    My career in engineering recruitment spans more than 15 years. Utilising my trades background, my first foray into recruitment was to source and manage large-scale shutdown and fabrication crews in Sydney before moving into technical professional and engineering recruitment around ten years ago.

    I believe in partnering with both clients and candidates to gain an in-depth understanding of their needs and objectives before seeking to match them with a position that benefits both parties. This approach has seen me maintain long lasting relationships within the industry.

    What can you do for your job-seekers?

    I like to think I can add value to an individual’s job search by providing industry insights often overlooked by jobseekers or access to job opportunities they may not be aware of. I’m also quite frank while providing an impartial point of view, and I think candidates appreciate that.

    What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

    The best advice I’ve received is to “never turn down an opportunity without first weighing up the possibilities”. We are often closed to some possibilities and we miss out due to those pre-conceived notions that stop us seeing the underlying opportunities.

    What's the best way to start the day?

    I start most week days with a 5:30 gym session. I find this gives me the ability to burn off all of the physical energy before spending my day talking to candidates and clients all over Australia.   

    What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?

    It’s already in the works! Next year, I’m heading over to New Zealand for a weekend mountain climbing adventure after which catching a helicopter back to base. I’m doing this with friends I have known for over 25 years which makes it pretty special.

    Why Titan Recruitment?

    I decided on Titan Recruitment due to being an established brand with a 20-year history providing talented people to a broad section of the Australian engineering market. I was also drawn to the idea of working alongside a group of highly experienced recruitment professionals with a vast range of industry knowledge.