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Nichola Jones

  • Principal Consultant
  • Engineering

  • Perth


    Nichola Jones has had a lengthy career in the recruitment industry both in London and in the last ten years, here in Perth. Nichola is responsible for the EPCM and Operator markets both within Mining and Oil and Gas sectors Here’s our take five with Nichola …

    How would you describe yourself, in a few short words?

    I’m a dedicated, contractor/client-focused individual who believes in getting it right the first time. I’m also passionate about providing a first-class customer experience. My friends would describe me very competitive and only play to win, but I know that.

    How do you describe your approach to the people you work with?

    It might be simple but I provide a fully inclusive service always putting the requirements of others at the forefront.

    What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?

    My most amazing adventure would be travelling the world first-class!

    How do you relax after a long day at work?

    I don’t relax after a long day! When I get home, I resume the work of a wife and mother of two very demanding teenagers, and a house full of pets. I love it or hate it depending on the day. 

    Why Titan Recruitment?

    Titan allows me the freedom to grow, develop and express myself, and back the service I provide.