Permanent Recruitment

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Permanent Recruitment

When recruiting permanent personnel, Titan Recruitment can be engaged on either a contingent or retained basis. Both options allow you to tap into our enormous wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. Titan Consultants ensure when placing skilled technical professionals within the Engineering and Technology sectors match the company culture and meet the brief of our clients.

By partnering with Titan Recruitment for your Engineering and Technology Recruitment needs you’ll have an established and reputable resource at your disposal.

Our Engineering recruitment and Technology recruitment divisions have a thorough understanding of the Australian market and bring knowledge and tenacity to each assignment. Backed by an impressive database of high calibre Engineering, IT and Telecommunications professionals, we are able to quickly respond to sourcing the talent you need for your business.

We listen to you to understand your needs, and our ‘quality over quantity’ approach ensures clients only receive a short list of pre-screened candidates that precisely meet its criteria.

Call Titan today on +61 8 6467 0600 so we can help build that next opportunity...