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Built on traditional values and an innovative approach

Titan Recruitment has been delivering complete, innovative and effective recruitment solutions across Australia since 1999, and is recognised as a leading Engineering and Technology recruitment and contracting specialist. Traditional values and an innovative approach underpin our drive to help clients, contractors and candidates achieve their goals.

Working with us you can expect collaborative and transparent partnerships, where you can tap into our enormous wealth of commercial expertise, vast networks and recruitment best practices to maximise opportunities that facilitate growth and drive business benefit.

Our approach is one of a consultative style to truly understand your requirements and to become a flexible and reliable partner that makes the process of hiring, onboarding and managing your workforce more efficient and seamless.

Our recruitment consultants are a mature and experienced workforce who have unparalleled expertise in engineering and technology recruitment withi a thorough knowledge of hte market, technical understanding andvast talent networks.

Over the years we have been building and opening doors to opportunity and have helped thousands of jobseekers, clients and contractors. We believe in the care factor and we want to show you we do things differently.

Our Vision

To provide complete, innovative and effective solutions to enhance the success of our clients' business whilst challenging our people to acheive their potential. 

Our Values

Our values are our guiding principles to ensure we achieve our vision to provide complete, effective and innovative solutions to enhance the success of our client and candidate goals. They are a set of values that represents Titan Recruitment and what we stand for. 


•  We pride ourselves on our professionalism, honesty, and reliability


•  We explore new ideas and embrace change sourcing the best talent


•  We have a genuine enthusiasm for engineering and technology


•  We have extensive industry knowledge and understanding

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