Contract Recruitment

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Contract Recruitment

For more than two decades we have been working with businesses just like yours. We understand your contingent workforce needs to remain flexible and responsive whilst remaining competitive in today’s environment.

As a recognised source for engineering and technology contract professionals, we are well positioned to provide fast and effective solutions for your short-to-medium term needs. Our emphasis on building and maintaining active Titan-ready talent pools means we can help you mobilise at short notice. And, our candidate care means we regularly maintain contact with our candidates, and understand not only their availability but their motivations enabling rapid response times to sourcing the people you need to drive business operations.

Once hired, our proactive stance to safety, health and wellbeing means that employees will undergo rigorous induction and onboarding prior to being mobilised to site. We also actively manage the onboarding requirements such as medicals, drug and alcohol testing, and health and safety programs, creating better efficiencies for your business.

Whether you require one person or an entire project team, tap into our enormous wealth of industry expertise, vast networks and pipeline of high-calibre candidates for your next assignment. Our friendly and knowledgeable Engineering Recruitment or Technology Recruitment team are ready to help.

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If you'd like to find out more, please call Titan on +61 8 6467 0600 or contact one of our team today .

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