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About Contracting

We understand your contingent workforce needs to remain flexible and responsive whilst remaining competitive in today’s environment. As a recognised provider of Engineering and Technology contract professionals, we are positioned to provide fast and effective solutions to your short-to-medium term needs.

Titan's robust candidate sourcing strategies and rigorous screening processes means when you are ready to scale up your team, we are ready to provide you the best qualified candidates. 

Whether you require manpower for a project, additional resources to meet a deadline or a total staffing solution, we are ready:

  • Quality & Speed – We’ve already built our Talent Pools to ensure we’re prepared well before your call.
  • Talent Pool Communities - Extensive networks of leading talent, built up over 19 years of operation.
  • Systematic Communication - Ensuring contractors are consistently engaged and available to start.
  • ‘Titan Ready’ - Interviews and references conducted, qualifications checked, ready to mobilise at a moment’s notice.
  • Contractor Benefits - Fostering open communication to aid job satisfaction and workforce retention.

Whether you require one person or many, tap into our enormous wealth of industry expertise, knowledge-bank and vast networks, and a pipeline of high-calibre, Titan-ready talent pools for a rapid response to your contigent staffing needs. Contact our Engineering Recruitment or Technology Recruitment teams.

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If you'd like to find out more, please call Titan on +61 8 6467 0600 or contact one of our team today

Call Titan today on +61 8 6467 0600 so we can help build that next opportunity...