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Payroll Services

Titan Recruitment provides a comprehensive contractor management and payroll service for companies whose operations require a flexible workforce. More than just enabling flexibility in workforce planning, we take on the employer obligations and manage all the statutory requirements, leaving you to focus on project delivery.

Reliable and prompt service

For two decades, we have delivered a reliable and efficient contractor payroll service that not only creates efficiencies for your business, but makes the process of paying your contract workforce seamless. Proudly, we operate from a sound financial base and have never missed a payroll payment. In fact, we go to great lengths to ensure all contractors get paid on time, and our proactiveness shows we genuinely care which reflects positively on your brand, and ours.

A seamless payroll solution that will save you time and money

Titan Recruitment’s payroll solution manages the entire employer/contractor relationship and payroll function on behalf of the client. We provide a confidential and efficient means to administer the process of salary payments to your contractors including:

  • All statutory requirements including PAYG, superannuation and payroll tax

  • Workers compensation

  • Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Other relevant requirements associated with the employment of staff

A focus on contractor-care

We strive to provide contractors with a positive experience that exceeds expectations. Our program is centered on real people helping real people achieve their ambitions and who receive honest interactions. It’s about open communication, mutual understanding and job satisfaction. It’s also about regular feedback from contractors and continuous liaison with the client to ensure everyone is happy. Ultimately, our goal is to make the process of managing your contingent workforce more efficient and seamless.

For more information, please visit our Contractor Care page.

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