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Become more searchable online and be found

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Become more searchable online and be found 

Early reports have emerged this year indicating Australian employment is on the rise in certain industry sectors and the economy is showing positive signs of activity. 

While this is good news for jobseekers with more positions available it also means there is more competition in the marketplace. Give yourself the advantage to stand out from your competition by making yourself more ‘searchable’. 

As an active jobseeker you would have already ticked the ‘right boxes’: searched online job boards, prepared your CV, applied for the role and made your follow up calls. That’s all you need to do right?  Sure, that’s great for your active job search but there’s more you can do to enhance your ‘searchability’ as a passive candidate.

Often people forget about the hidden job market; positions that are not advertised as employers and recruitment consultants have a constant flow of applicants, which is why as a jobseeker you need to be proactive.

Make yourself searchable so that Recruiters can not only track your experience and suitability for a role online, but they can also find you quickly in those situations when an urgent or hard to find skills role needs to be filled.

More job activity and the requirement for niche skills means recruiters aren’t only accepting applications; they’re also actively searching for candidates – and take it from us – the more searchable or accessible your skills and experience is, the greater the chance a recruit consultant may contact you.

If the phrase ‘searchable’ or ‘searchability’ doesn’t resonate with you don’t panic, we have some tips on how you can stand out as a jobseeker and make yourself known to recruitment consultants and hiring managers:

1. Build your reputation

To help your job search make sure your personal brand conveys your skills and accomplishments.  Give yourself the opportunity to establish a reputation, and build trust with people in the market.

2. Use keywords

If you’ve created an online professional profile such as LinkedIn, improve your presence by including industry and role related keywords, specific to your skills and experience. Update these under your experience, summary and professional headline to ensure you appear in more recruiter searches relevant to the target job.

3. Start networking!

Referrals are highly valuable and often used to find candidates, so speak to co-workers, previous colleagues and industry professional’s and increase your ‘visibility’.

4. Be social

Social networks such as LinkedIn have become an invaluable tool for professional networking and engaging with potential employers. Make sure to Like, Share or Comment to heighten your visibility.

5. Be Active

Don’t hesitate to be proactive and submit your CV to recruitment agencies who specialise in your profession. Demonstrating an expression of interest with a recruitment consultant or employer will ensure you stand out from your competition. Remember to use keywords in your CV - that way you’ll appear in more internal candidate database searches.

Whether you’re an active jobseeker or a passive candidate, these tips will help enhance your online ‘searchability’ and give yourself the best chance to stand out from the pack.

Start getting active online through Linkedin by liking, sharing and commenting; and build a network. If you haven’t already, join our community of industry professionals and follow Titan Recruitment on LinkedIn


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