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Heard About OpenRoads?

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Heard About OpenRoads?

OpenRoads. Everyone is looking for people with these skills and everyone is wanting to learn it. But what is it? The civil engineering industry is ever-evolving. Therefore, the design software available must be consistently keeping up with the growing demand for efficiency. OpenRoads is the newly launched Bentley product.

What is OpenRoads?

OpenRoads is an infrastructure design application, allowing engineers to design projects entirely in 3D. The design is wholly validated before any physical materials become involved. OpenRoads promotes efficiency with the use of 'model-first' design. It is utilised to ensure that all stakeholders have access to all information that they need, when they need it, to optimise operational workflow. OpenRoads allows those engaged in a project to track, share, and analyse all data and deliverables related to a project throughout the design and construction processes.

What are the benefits of OpenRoads?

  • Efficiency in Sharing Information: All involved in the project will be notified of any changes made. OpenRoads is an open platform with all plan information stored in the cloud. The changes are implemented immediately on a live version of the project. This cuts down the time it may have taken to notify all those involved in a design change.

  • 3D Conflict Analysis: OpenRoads can perform full 3D conflict analysis. Therefore, design conflicts are easy to identify and correct. If an element of the project isn't in keeping with the project's guidelines, it won't go undetected for weeks, as it may have in older operational systems.

  • Smaller Budgets are Required for Higher Quality Projects: It's hypothesised that this platform will reduce the size of the budget needed for a project. Ultimately, the workflow is faster and more efficient. The theory is, therefore, the project can be developed in a shorter amount of time, requiring a lower level of funding.

  • Ease in Visualising a Project: With the capability to produce a completely 3D design of the project, OpenRoads can help those in the infrastructure industry better communicate their vision to clients and the public. 2D plans can be difficult for the layman to conceptualise. 3D examples of the final product can be game-changers when communicating with shareholders or the press.

Titan Recruitment & Civil Engineering

With such beneficial technology at hand, the possibilities for growth in the civil engineering industry seem endless. The team at Titan wants to help connect highly talented individuals with excellent career opportunities.   We are currently seeing Civil Designers with a passion for learning new software platforms, specifically OpenRoads.  For more information on how Titan Recruitment can aid you in your search for talent within the technology and engineering sectors or help you take your next career step, head to our Services webpage. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to give us a call on +61 8 6467 0600.


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