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Pros and Cons: Working as a Contractor vs. Permanent Employee for Engineers in the mining industry within Western Australia

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The mining industry in Western Australia (WA) is a major contributor to the state's economy, offering a range of exciting career opportunities for engineers. Within this dynamic sector, professionals can choose between two primary employment models: working as a contractor or as a permanent employee. Each option comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this blog, we will explore the pros and cons of each, specifically tailored to the experiences of mining engineers in WA.

Working as a Contractor:


Higher Earning Potential: One of the most significant advantages of working as a contractor is the potential for higher earnings. Contractors often command higher hourly rates or project-based fees, allowing them to accumulate substantial income, especially if they possess specialised skills in particular electrical, mechanical, civil and structural backgrounds.

Flexibility: Contractors enjoy greater flexibility in terms of work hours and projects they choose to work on. This can be particularly appealing for those who prefer a work-life balance that is more under their control. In relation to project choice, this can allow engineers to be choose projects suitable to their goals e.g., working within a major projects team or managing a sustaining capital project portfolio.

Varied Experience: Contracting can provide exposure to a wider range of projects, sites, and challenges. This diversity can be professionally enriching, as it allows engineers to broaden their skill set and knowledge base.


Projects End Date: Contract positions are inherently for the duration of a particular project/ lifecycle stage of a project, which means there can me more movement in terms of job role and company engineers choose to work with. When a project ends, you'll need to secure another contract, and this can create nervousness particularly for engineers who have not worked contractually before.

Benefits and Perks: Contractors are typically responsible for their own benefits, such as health insurance, retirement savings, and paid time off. These additional expenses can offset the higher earning potential.

Administrative Burden: As a contractor, you'll have to manage administrative tasks, including tax filings, invoicing, and financial planning. This can be time-consuming and may require additional skills or hiring external help.

Working as a Permanent Employee:


Job Security: Permanent employees benefit from a greater sense of job security. Engineers within mining in WA who prefer stability and consistent income may find this option more appealing.

Benefits Package: Permanent employees often receive comprehensive benefits packages, including health insurance, paid leave, retirement plans, and bonuses. These benefits can provide peace of mind and financial security.

Career Progression: Many mining companies in WA offer clear paths for career progression and professional development for their permanent employees. This can lead to promotions, higher salaries, and greater responsibilities.


Less Flexibility: Permanent employees typically have less flexibility in their work arrangements, which can limit their ability to explore other interests or balance work with personal life.

Lower Earning Potential: While permanent employees benefit from job security and a benefits package, their earning potential may be lower compared to contractors, especially in the short term.

Limited Exposure: Staying within a single company can limit the range of experiences and projects you work on, potentially hindering professional growth and diversification.

In conclusion, the choice between working as a contractor or a permanent employee for engineers within mining in Western Australia depends on individual preferences and priorities. Contractors may enjoy higher earning potential and flexibility but must deal with the increased frequency of moving jobs/companies and administrative responsibilities. Permanent employees, on the other hand, benefit from job security, comprehensive benefits, and clear career progression paths but may have less flexibility and potentially lower immediate earnings.

Ultimately, the decision should be guided by your career goals, financial situation, and lifestyle preferences. Some engineers within mining in Western Australia may even transition between these roles at different points in their careers to strike a balance between stability and flexibility while maximising their earning potential. It's crucial to carefully weigh the pros and cons to make an informed choice that aligns with your personal and professional objectives in the mining industry of Western Australia.

At Titan recruitment, we work across a range of clients, EPCM’s, EPC’s and contractors who offer both contract and permanent opportunities and have an extensive understanding of companies that would suit dependent on your career goals and personal circumstances.

If you would like to discuss this topic further or would like to get some insights into the market within WA, please reach out to me.

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