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Technology shaping the way of work

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Technology shaping the way of work 

Technology has introduced us to a whole new way in which we live our day-to-day lives, and now it’s supporting unprecedented innovation in smart buildings and smart workplaces.

Imagine sitting at any desk in your office and it will know how you like your temperature and lighting. This is possible and it’s a realised vision shaping the way of working in some of the most innovative buildings in the world.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the enabler for smart buildings where it is allowing connectivity through automation of building systems and services to create far greater efficiencies for both building operations and its occupants.

According to the Building Efficiency Initiative, at the most fundamental level, smart buildings deliver useful building services that make occupants productive (e.g. illumination, thermal comfort, air quality, physical security, sanitation, and many more) at the lowest cost and environmental impact over the building lifecycle.

While there are many environmental benefits and cost efficiencies in smart buildings, it’s the agile workspaces and employee benefits that are being developed for improved worker comfort and productivity.

Several companies, including Bankwest and Woodside Energy, have incorporated the most advanced technology to create sustainable office buildings and workspaces that inspire employees.

Here’s our choice of the three best smart buildings in the world for sustainable buildings and workspaces that inspire employees.

1.  Woodside Energy Headquarters, Perth

Kicking off the list is the recently inhabited head office of Woodside Energy in Perth’s CBD.

Technology drives many building services for operational efficiency and employee comfort. In addition to temperature and lighting other initiatives include an abundance of natural daylight managed by glare control devices and a rainwater harvesting system for toilet flushing and landscape irrigation.

A common factor in smart buildings is agile workspaces, and here no one is allocated a desk, rather there are spaces for teams and employees. While boasting a range of employee benefits such as a lap pool, fun zone, wellness centre and family zone, the building’s biggest achievement is its environmental status having gained 6 Star Green Rating, making it the only building in Perth to attain certification.

What we like best: the 8500 plants which minimise indoor pollutants and improve air quality and the internal staircase to encourage workers to move through the building.

2.  The Edge, Amsterdam

The Edge is certifiably the greenest office building* in the world, and arguably the most connected office space in the world. With 32000 IoT sensors connected to systems that manage lighting, thermal comfort, air quality, and more, The Edge is an excellent example of how IoT can positively impact the workplace.

No one has a desk – in fact there are only half the number of desks versus employees - rather employees have several work space options. On any day staff ‘hot desk’ a work booth, concentration room, sit desk, stand-up desk, meeting room or informal spaces like the balcony or atrium.

What we like best: employees are connected via their smartphone to access the building, to obtain a laptop or office equipment and even order dinner!

* rated 98.4% under the BREAM system

3.  The Bullitt Centre, Seattle

The Bullitt Centre holds Petal Certification which is considered the most rigorous green building performance standards under the Living Building Challenge. 

The Centre is powered by an incredible 575 rooftop solar panels achieving net zero energy in tandem with its net zero water and net zero carbon ratings. All rainwater that falls on the site is collected and treated to potable drinking standards and supplies all of the building’s water requirements.  Talking about potable, the building has a composting toilet system!

The building design also considered occupant health as one of its key project goals. One of the ways this is achieved is through the flood of natural daylight and views across the city skyline and Olympic Mountains which is afforded to every workstation providing employees with a connection to the world beyond the confounds of the office walls.

What we like best: the selection of toxic-free materials during construction which contribute to healthy air quality.

If these amazing examples of smart buildings inspire you to work in IT automation, IoT, building automation, then get in touch with our team to find out more on career opportunities.

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