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Why Temporary and Contract Workers Are Needed Now More Than Ever

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Why Temporary and Contract Workers Are Needed Now More Than Ever

The use of temporary and contract workers typically increases during uncertain times such as what we are facing with COVID-19. 
Businesses are remaining cautious when taking on additional staff costs but still need to maintain workloads and productivity to move forward.

Temporary and contract workers can solve short term needs and can offer a variety of benefits like the following:

1. Enable businesses to adapt quickly

Temps and contractors allow a business to keep optimal staffing levels as business needs change such as special projects or seasonal busy periods, or to replace employees taking family, annual or sick leave.

2. Evaluate potential employees 

Hiring temps and contractors allows a business to trial a potential future permanent hire to see if they are the right fit for the role, skills, and culture of the organisation. Some companies prefer this method to prevent hiring the wrong candidates outright.
Hiring a temp or contractor can also be a good way to continue work whilst searching for a permanent candidate.

3. Save time and money

The cost of hiring temporary workers or contractors can be cheaper in the short term than the cost of hiring permanent employees, especially to fulfill specialist needs that aren’t required long term.
It also opens up other avenues for qualified candidates that can't work full time and are only looking for temporary or short term job opportunities. They may have some great skills but do not fit into the often expected 9-5 hours but can add true value to your business. 

It is important not to overload your current staff with too many additional responsibilities for the long term as this will quite possibly created a myriad of other issues, none of which are positive. 
When you employ an agency like Titan Recruitment, we become the temp worker’s employer and are responsible for recruiting, screening, testing, and hiring workers; payroll expenses, taxes, insurance, and paperwork.


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