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Jobs Of The Future

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Jobs Of The Future

Think back just a few short years. Who thought that pizzas would be delivered by drones, that we would be taking phone calls on watches, and that we would be plugging our cars into chargers rather than filling up at the petrol station.  These were things that we would only see in Hollywood movies conjured up by characters such as Doc Brown and Marty McFly.

There is a lot of talk currently regarding the future of work following the COVID-19 pandemic with a predicted global recession and period of economic turmoil. This period of uncertainty has left many of us wondering where the job opportunities will be? What skill will they require? And how can we prepare for the new areas of demand?

Professional, scientific, and technical service workers will likely be in demand in the coming years, with an estimated growth of 14.4 per cent. Within this area, there will be particularly strong growth in architecture and engineering, with roles in these fields expected to rise by 429 000, or 17.3 per cent, in the next five years. 

Every year, Cognizant proposes 21 jobs that will emerge in the next 10 years and be central to the future of work. This year, they represented 21 more. Below are three examples of jobs of the future - You never know, one day, you might be doing one of them!


Esports Arena Builder

Just like traditional sports fans, esports aficionados want to share an experience. A US teen recently won $3 million at the video game Fortnite World Cup and our Free to Air TV Stations are already broadcasting Australian gaming tournaments.

So will we see the FIFA World Cup or NBA Finals played out by “Geeks” rather than “Jocks” in stadiums filled to capacity?

If so these Esports Arenas will need to immerse supporters in many different ways.

This role will require design-and-build construction managers to define all tasks needed or the build-out of esports arenas.

Specific Responsibilities

Skills & Qualifications

  • Work with team owners: to initiate the arena design process

  • Serve as a prime contractor and project manager

  • Oversee all architectural, design, engineering, and construction work

  • Work with senior architects

  • Ensure the arena can withstand the ‘test of time’

  • Master’s degree in architecture, construction management or a related field

  • 10-15 years of commercial and instructional design/build construction experience

  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in MMORPG competitive gaming

  • Registered architect

  • Team orientated



Vertical Farm Consultant

With more and more buildings cramming our cities and traditional farming or market garden properties being replaced by houses, apartments, or shopping centres, where are we going to grow our fresh fruit and vegetables?

Imagine picking your vegetables from a wall rather than the ground.  Think about how much more space to grow vegetables can be used by doing this and how much more produce can get to market.

Consumers want their food to be fresher and deliver quicker than ever before. While demand increases, natures increasingly unpredictable impact on the produce supply chain applies pressure on grocers. Vertical farms address the need for stable, localized farming with aeroponic systems that grow food in controlled environments while using a fraction of the water required.

Specific Responsibilities

Skills & Qualifications

  • Advise Clients on optimal locations for vertical farms

  • Host educational workshops to teach community leaders the best practices

  • Maintain farming equipment

  • Analyse data


  • Training or formal education in agricultural sciences

  • Passion for teaching others

  • Experience with data analysis

  • Interest and knowledge of urban planning disciplines



Flying Car Developer

Within the next 5 years, flying cars will become an option for high-net-worth individuals. Within 10 years, mass-market adoption will occur.

Engage in a winner-takes-all race against well-funded Silicon Valley start-ups, national competitors, and state-backed champions to develop this next major transportation paradigm.

Talented engineers are required to joining rapidly growing teams to make the long-held dream of flying cars a reality. See your career take off.... literally.

Team members will be from across every aspect of engineering, software development, aeronautics, battery technologies, materials development, etc, that can assist in taking prototypes into commercial development. Whether your background is autos or aerospace there is a position for you. If your passion is to make the impossible possible then this job is for you!!


Specific Responsibilities

Skills & Qualifications

  • DNK. You’ll figure it out

  • TBC. We’’ll figure it out.

  • We need to build stuff and ship. You’ll need to muck in and do what’s necessary.

  • Academic qualifications from a leading school or academy focused on the auto and aero-engineering disciplines.

  • A background with leading auto and/or aerospace companies. “Above-earth orbit related” employment is a competitive advantage.

  • Experience with non-traditional/non-conventional development companies will be regarded favourably.

  • Practical, hands-on experience in any aspect of engineering and/or technical development will be weighted more heavily than academic qualifications

  • Does- not dreamers – are sought.

  • If you’re a prima donna, this is not the job for you.


Don’t be fooled these jobs are not jobs of the future – they already exist !!!!

In the words of Doc Brown “Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need …. roads !“

So if you are thinking of a new career the sky's the limit.


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