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Engineering Innovations Saving Our Planet: The Sustainable Solution of Superwhite Paint

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Engineering Innovations Saving Our Planet: The Sustainable Solution of Superwhite Paint

At Titan Recruitment, we know the importance of staying on top of developments in your industry. Across all the industries that Titan works with, environmentally sustainable solutions are in high demand. They can emerge where you least expect them. We need out-of-the-box, innovative thinking in the engineering and technology sectors to help secure the future of our planet.

We want to find ways to maintain our quality of life, but bring down our energy and natural resources usage. It is estimated that global energy usage will increase by 90% by 2050. This is a scary thought, considering where we are in 2020 is already completely unsustainable.

The solutions do not need to be all encompassing radical overhauls. Changing small details to be more sustainable, can make a big difference. These small changes amount to a large improvement in energy sustainability.

A prime example of this, is a cool, innovative new paint coming out of Indiana, USA. Cool being the operative word. Researchers at Purdue University took the idea of painting roofs white in hot climates, to a whole new level.

Materials engineer Xiulin Ruan and his colleagues took this simple idea, and transformed it into something ground breaking. They created a superwhite paint, that actively cools buildings in high temperature climates.

The superwhite painting can coat an entire building. It is so extremely reflective that it has the power to cool the air surrounding the layer of paint. Even in direct, hot sunlight. It radiates heat away from the building, cooling the surface by nearly 2 degrees Celsius. In addition, the new superwhite paint is cheaper and easier to apply that any ever made before.

In testing the superwhite paint in the USA, they have found that a typical home could save up to $50 a month on air conditioning/ cooling measures costs. Therefore, homes all across the world would reduce the amount of energy used in hot months. This could be ground-breaking in countries with high population and large infrastructure, such as China.

This a common, easy to implement material. Yet it is completely transforming the way we think about construction of future homes and commercial buildings.

It is simple, sustainable solutions such as these that make the future of engineering so exciting. These ideas don’t come from nowhere. They come from hard work, by talented people, working in great teams. Titan Recruitment wants to help you find your team. We help talent find it’s perfect place in the industry. You can get to work on reaching these incredible solutions to environmental sustainability. For more information on the recruitment services that we offer, please see our Services webpage, or give us a call on +61 8 6467 0600.


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