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Trends in Engineering Job Vacancies

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Trends in Engineering Job Vacancies

As we are all aware, the job climate we are facing today is very different to that which we may have predicted a year ago. However, there is no need for us engineers to panic. If we use the percentage of job vacancies being posted as a sign of how each industry is going, things are looking up for the engineering sector.

Across all of Australian employment trends,  there was an average of a 13% drop in total vacancies. However, to the contrary, the data available in this article suggests a 21% increase when it comes to engineering job vacancies.  Even greater in some states such as Western Australia and Queensland.

You may ask, going into 2021, what is the demand for engineers? The answer is a resounding, VERY high demand. As you may have seen, Premiers from all of the states are jumping back into the favour of their constituents by announcing new, huge infrastructure projects. These multiple new projects, are creating much need jobs to revive our economy.

Despite its smaller population, Western Australia is currently is leading the pack in terms of the number of engineering job vacancies. Followed by Victoria, NSW and Queensland with only a few percent between them. 2020 has made WA is look better and better each day.  In particular, engineers specialising in highways, bridges, signalling and drainage.  Design drafter requirements are also in demand around certain softwares.

Engineering job sectors in Australia with a lesser percentage of vacancies include the chemical, materials and telecommunications. However, many engineering skills are transferrable, so employment opportunities remain abundant across the board.

The bottom line is, there are is increasing job vacancies for engineering jobs all over Australia. However, it is important to know where to look, to find the best opportunities. The team at Titan Recruitment is dedicated to connecting talented individuals in the engineering field, with exceptional opportunities in the industry. As much as we love to see the rise trends in engineering job vacancies, we also like to see these vacancies filled by Australia’s innovative, dedicated engineers. For more information on how to take the next step in your engineering carer in Australia, please see our Service Webpage.


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