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Preparing For Your Virtual Interview

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Preparing For Your Virtual Interview

Many businesses are now utilising teleconferencing apps to conduct their interviews to comply with health guidelines. Titan Recruitment has put together a list of points to consider in the lead up to your virtual interview.

1. Do Your Research

Research the company’s values and goals by studying their website. Draw up a list of potential questions that may be asked during the interview. Practice answering these questions with a friend.

2. Dress Appropiately 

Select interview-appropriate attire. Keep your outfit fairly neutral. Select a polo or a button-down shirt. Avoid bright colours and patterns that may be distracting. Present yourself neatly, as you would for a face-to- to face interview.

3. Mute Notifications 

Mute all notifications on the computer that you are using for the interview. Put your mobile phone on silent. This will avoid any interruptions and give an overall appearance of professionalism.

4. Charge Your Device 

A virtual interview may last as long as an hour. Make sure your device has enough charge to last the duration of the interview. Position a charger nearby, out of frame, just in case.

5. Set The Scene 

Find a place in your house that can provide a neutral background for the interview. Select a room with a door to avoid unnecessary disturbances. Clear the area of any clutter.

6. Set Your Camera 

Set up your interview space with a pen, a notepad, and a glass of water. Position your computer camera at a flattering distance and height. You should be able to easily make eye contact with the person interviewing you.

7. Test Audio & Video 

Set up the teleconferencing app on your device the day before the interview. Test the app, either with the automated test or with your Titan Consultant. Ensure that the internet connection is stable, the audio is clear, and the camera provides a high-quality image.

8. Take Interruptions In Your Stride 

If the interview is interrupted by something out of your control, such as street noise or an issue with the internet connection, be sure to take it in your stride. Remain light-hearted and move through the interruption as smoothly as possible.

Further Candidate Resources

Titan Recruitment is eager to help you secure the future you want in engineering or technology. Please see our Candidate Resources webpage to explore how Titan Recruitment aid in the progression of your career.


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