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The Top 5 Most Innovative Bridge Designs in Modern History

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The Top 5 Most Innovative Bridge Designs in Modern History

If you think it's time to bridge the gap in your knowledge of engineering history, this article may be for you. We must always be learning from the great triumphs in our field so that we may innovatively build upon them. Therefore, the Infrastructure and Buildings team has put together a list of the top five most innovative bridge designs in modern history. 


1. Henderson Waves Bridge – Southern Cordillera, Singapore

Form, aesthetic, and highly complex engineering principles combine in this bridge.  It is a fantastic example of computer design programs' early capabilities, utilising incredibly intricate mathematical algorithms. Henderson Waves bridge was built in 2008. Technology has come a very long way in the 13 years since its construction. Imagine the possibilities available to engineers in the present day.


Henderson Wave Bridge in Singapore Sunset


2. Gateshead Millennium Bridge – Gateshead, England

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge is famous for being the only tilting bridge in the world. To see the bridge rise to allow boats to pass is incredibly impressive, instead of opening in the middle as most bridges do. Gateshead Millennium Bridge is a perfect example of how letting go of tradition can lead to something extraordinary. Check out a video here to see it in action.


Gateshead Millennium Bridge in England


3. Hangzhou Bay Bridge – Zhejiang China

The Hangzhou Bay Bridge is nearly 40 kilometres long. To put it into perspective, that is approximately the distance from Perth to Rockingham. Many were skeptical that such a long transoceanic bridge was possible. Over 600 engineers were involved in the bridge's design and building process. The Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the definition of a feat of engineering and proves the power of teamwork.


Hangzhou Bay Bridge in China


4. Tsing Ma Bridge – Hong Kong

The Tsing Ma Bridge is an incredible example of how innovative engineering overcomes adversity. The bridge must stand extreme weather conditions, including high winds and frequent typhoons. Since its construction in 1997, the bridge has been monitored for any changes that may occur due to the intense weather conditions. This data helps to inform other engineers of the capabilities of long-span bridges under severe weather conditions.


Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong


5. The Golden Bridge – Vietnam

Lastly, it’s important to remember that not all bridges are solving Transportation problems.  See the artistic design of this pedestrian bridge that emerges from the hills of Dha-Nang.   After opening in 2018, it has become a  popular tourist attraction to marvel in the engineering accomplishment, beauty of design and 360 views breathtaking views.


The Golden Bridge in Vietnam


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