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Happy World Engineering Day – How Engineers are Improving the Planet

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Let's Celebrate How Engineers are Improving the Planet

This year, on World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development, we are taking time to pat Engineers on the back. Engineers all over the world are making innovative and inspiring advances helping humanity and our environment. Titan Recruitment is proud to continue opening doors to talented, hardworking individuals that make up Australia's incredible engineering workforce.

Engineers must have their eyes on the future. As put eloquently by the chairman of Engineers Australia's Sustainable Engineering Society, Steve Posselt:

"Just about everything you see has the fingerprint of an engineer on it. The buildings in a city, even the trees in the street, have been through a process of deciding where you're going to plant them and how you're going to get water to them. Engineers have had something to do with it all."

Our roles impact countless aspects of everyday life across the globe. We are always looking ahead to anticipate what the world will need and how we will provide the solutions. Let's take a look at some of the cutting edge ways engineers are helping humanity and Mother Earth:

1. Making Water Out of Thin Air

Bamboo vase which creates drinking water out of thin air in the Ethiopia

Access to clean drinking water is something that many of us take for granted every day. However, millions of people  do not have this privilege. It is this fact that has spurred the creation of the Warka Tower.

The Warka Tower uses gravity, condensation, and evaporation processes to collect water from the air. The tower is run by solar power and built with sustainable, recyclable materials. It comes with an irrigation system that can help grow a garden, producing enough food for an entire community. By providing environmentally friendly, safe drinking sources, this innovative technology is transforming the lives of countless people all over the world.

2. Farming Robots

Farm robot

By farming robots, we don't mean a farm that grows robots. Although let's not rule anything out for the future.  For now, engineers are consistently working on solutions for more sustainable farming practices. This includes the automation of farming equipment, such as drones taking to the air, planting seeds across huge farms, and conducting soil testing missions. These advancing technologies enable a whole new level of efficiency and productivity for farms all over the world.

3. Fishing For Carbon

In Maine, USA, a company called Running Tide Technologies is harnessing seaweed and kelp's natural powers to soak up carbon from the atmosphere. The CEO of Running Tide, engineer Marty Odlin wants to create a massive fleet of free-floating micro kelp farms that will absorb carbon from the atmosphere and eventually sink to the bottom of the ocean and be absorbed back into the earth. The process is described as 'running the oil industry in reverse.' Start-ups such as Running Tide Technologies combat climate change with relatively low-tech and incredibly affordable solutions by taking advantage of our planet's incredible natural processes.

4. COVID-19 Vaccine Factory-in-a-Box

How do we get the COVID-19 vaccine to everyone that needs it? How can developing countries access the vaccine when they might not have the necessary equipment to produce it or the funds to buy it?

The answer is Factory-in-a-box! Professor Harris Makatsoris has developed a small computer that minimises the space and time needed to produce the RNA-based vaccine. Factory-in-a-box is small enough to sit neatly on your desk and can measure and mix the fluids required to create up to 600 doses of the vaccine per minute. Chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers, have collaborated on this incredible device, transforming the way that we are fighting the pandemic.

5. Connecting and Collaborating

Through collaboration, connection, and communication, engineers can really make a difference to the planet's future and supply ground-breaking technology to those that need it most. Sharing our knowledge and working together on an international scale to find innovative solutions, is the most valuable practice that we have.

Titan Recruitment Supporting Australia's Engineers

At whatever stage you are in your career, we love to see Australian engineers achieving new heights and working hard to progressive solutions that drive change. Titan Recruitment is focused on understanding your goals and connecting you with opportunities to find the perfect candidate or the ideal role. For more information, please do not hesitate to give us a call on  +61 8 6467 0600.

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