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Top Reasons to Work in Civil Engineering

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Top Reasons to Work in Civil Engineering 

Civil engineers are responsible for designing and overseeing the build of every service and facility that keeps our society up and running. Whether it be dams, bridges, buildings, gas and water pipeline, airports or roads, they all begin with civil engineers. Today, we are looking at the top reasons that make civil engineering such a fascinating career path:

Variety of the Industry

As any civil engineer will tell you, every day is different. Your time as a civil engineer may include days hiking through the mud at a new potential site, consulting with politicians, or working in an office in a world-class skyscraper. It may even involve bragging to your friends that the reason they have water, is because of a pipeline you helped design. Learn more about the specific tasks that civil engineers may perform here.


There may be a stigma surrounding civil engineering that there isn’t much room for exercising your creative spirit within the role. Leave that to the arty types, right?

Wrong! Within your career as a civil engineer, there is ample opportunity to use your creativity. In fact, it is encouraged. Civil engineers’ goal is often to find the most efficient, effective solution to creating a new structure. This may include finding ways to make the project more environmentally sustainable, or to reduce the time and money needed to finish the venture. Innovative, inventive thinking is crucial to this process. Embracing your natural creativeness will greatly aid you in your civil engineering career. To read more about the role of creativity in engineering, check out this article by an industry expert.


Civil engineering is considered a very highly skilled job. To become a qualified civil engineer may take between 3-5 years of university education, depending on the institution. However, putting in the hard-yards at university certainly pays off when it comes to compensation. According to PayScale Australia, the average starting graduate salary is $60,000-$72,000, and that’s only the beginning.

Strong Future Growth

The Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business have classified the civil engineering industry as projected to have ‘Very Strong’ future growth. This is the highest category available in their ranking system of all Australian industries.

Post-Covid, the Australian Government is investing billions into new infrastructure projects to stimulate the economy. These projects are creating many new roles for those involved with civil engineering. Ultimately, our society will always need civil engineers, and there has never been a better time to enter the industry.

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