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Is a Career in ICT your calling?

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Is a Career in ICT your calling? 

National ICT Careers week starts on Monday. The week is dedicated to highlighting the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professions as a pathway for young people.

While the underlying goal is to drive young people into STEM subjects, we believe that ICT as a career pathway is open not only to the young, but also experienced professionals looking to switch their career.

The digital revolution continues to drive our existence; and leveraging technology means that our reliance will only intensify and continue to change the world we live in.

 A recent article by Business Insider states that “while there are currently 600,000 people working in ICT (in Australia), another 100,000 are going to be needed by 2020”. That’s a big skills gap to fill in a relatively short period of time.

So if you are thinking of a career in ICT, head to the National ICT Careers Week website and check out the activities on in your State and learn more about a career in ICT.

You are never too young or too old for a career in ICT!

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