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Technology Super Heroes: The 5 Hottest Tech Jobs for 2019

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Technology Super Heroes: The 5 Hottest Tech Jobs for 2019

As innovation and advanced technologies become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, they have also changed and shaped the way companies do business. DevOps, Agile, Cybersecurity and Dashboards have become common terms overheard at water cooler conversations. With the take up of emerging, transformative technologies on the rise, Australia is seeing a growing demand for the people who can build the ICT systems and safeguard them.

Full-stack .NET Developers

The demand for full-stack developers is stronger than ever, even after being named the most in-demand job of 2017. You could say full-stack developers are the jack of all trades when it comes to the different stages of software development but each individual has a unique combination of experience with different application building technologies. With the continuous growth and development of Cloud technology, we foresee a steady demand for these individuals.

DevOps Engineers

On the topic of Cloud technology development, there is a strong focus on the creation of infrastructure as code. With Cloud computing set to keep growing rapidly well into 2026, the need for DevOps Engineers will remain. However, due to the changing nature of this role, it is likely to continue evolving making way for newly defined positions.

‘Agile’ Business Analysts

With emerging technologies rapidly expanding and evolving in their application, the ‘Agile’ Business Analyst has an important role of bridging communication flow between development teams and the business and providing a fast flow of new information. Every organisation has its own terminology used to refer to similar roles, however, what really matters is the team dynamics needed to succeed with Agile which makes finding the right person for the job very important.

Communications Engineers – LTE / 5G

There has been an uptake of LTE for its increased connectivity and faster data speeds which is seeing enterprise business harness this technology to create business efficiencies. With major telcos vying to be the first to launch consumer-facing 5G services, we are gearing up for a highly-competitive business environment across a variety of industries that demand higher-speed, reliable connectivity. Communications Engineers with specialisation in LTE networks and IoT are fast becoming a precious commodity.

IP Telephony & Security Specialists

According to a LinkedIn analysis, IP Telephony & Security Specialists fall within the ‘Customer Success’ sector being the consultative arm of a business that adds value to customers and ensures their expectations are met. With the majority of communication exchanges and data taking place through the internet, the necessity for IP Telephony & Security Specialists will continue to rise to meet the increasing demand, by businesses of all sizes, for cyber resilience and data protection.

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