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How to Highlight Your Project Experience in Your CV

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How to Highlight Your Project Experience in Your CV

In a competitive market, candidates want to stand out and impress with their engineering and technology background through illustrating key projects.  It is important to communicate this project experience effectively on your resume, here is an insight on how to do this...

A CV needs to be able to clearly describe projects you have worked on, how you added value and concisely provide the important information.

Our expert recruitment team explains how to communicate your project experience below:

1. Project experience needs to be quantifiable

It is important to ask yourself, what does an employer need to know about each project? Include quantifiable information such as:

  • Project Name

  • Client name

  • Project Type. E.g. Commercial Building, Infrastructure, Site Services.

  • Project Location.

  • Time Period for the project.

  • Your Role on the project.

  • Scope of Project

  • Project Value

​2. Include personal deliverables

Stand out candidates show the positive impact on projects they work on. Your CV is about you, it is not just a document to sell your past or current organisations capabilities.

The most common error we come across is candidates describing the projects they were “involved in” rather than the positive contributions that they made to the projects.

Add to your CV how you made a positive impact on each project including:

  • 2-3 results/achievements that you were responsible for

  • How did your actions impact the cost, time, or quality of the project? Quantify the impact in terms of $ or %.

  • Did you find a more efficient way of performing a task? Quantify the savings in labour (days) or materials ($).

  • Did you spot a potential issue early which avoided any rework or delays?

  • Was the project successful? Why / Why not? What did you do to positively contribute?

3. Prepare for the interview

It is important you are able to verbally communicate the good things you have done for previous employers, not just the details of the projects. Practice and gain confidence in discussing problems you have encountered and solutions you have come up with.

Think in terms of the impact you have had on your role, project, and the main duties you performed.

Our Titan Recruitment team assists candidates with their CV’s and project experiences. Get in touch with us today.

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