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What Hiring Managers Notice When They Explore Your Socials

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What Hiring Managers Notice When They Explore Your Socials

Social media has become such an important part of how we connect within the world. Although we may not like to admit it, it has become a very large part of how we now express our identity. Hiring Managers are very aware of this fact, and therefore, how you present yourself online, may now play into your chances at getting your dream role.

It has become common practice for those running recruitment to check out the social media of potential new employees. This may help them determine if the candidates will fit into the culture of the company; if the values of the candidate line up with that of the business, and if there are any red flags around self-representation and suitability, such as drug use or scandalous photographs.

With this in mind, Titian Recruitment has compiled a short list of the things that Hiring Managers tend to focus on, when browsing your social media profiles.


Depending on the industry that you are in, Instagram can be a very valuable asset. Some companies will appreciate you more, if you have a high follower count, or somewhat of an influencer status.  Even without a large following, if you simply have a really positive, highly engaging presence, with cleverly written content and interesting photographs, this can draw a recruiter in.

Hiring Managers may focus on:

  • How you interact with your followers – they may look at the comments sections and perhaps gain insight into your personal relationships, and general outlook.

  • They may look at the activities that you have participated in, such as charity work, university events, sporting achievements and assess how these may represent important qualities for the role.

  • They may look at how you present yourself, in terms of style and behaviour, they may notice if you present as dignified and poised, or if perhaps you post photographs that some may see as inappropriate or ‘out of control’.


The Facebook profile generally now seen as a more private platform, in comparison to Instagram.  It may be used less for image purposes and more for joining groups, keeping up with old friends and family, and engaging with local and global news updates.  Hiring Managers may pay less attention to how many followers, or friends you have, and more to the content of your information.

Hiring Managers may focus on:

  • Your ‘About Me’ section.  It is common to take notice of where you went to university or undertaken training, past roles that you have had, and other organisations that you’ve been involved in – to see if these facts line up with your resume.

  • Your photographs. Similar to your Instagram photographs, Hiring Managers may be keeping an eye out for inappropriate content. That is not to say you should be worried about cute, slightly embarrassing photos that your friends might post from your childhood, however, it is important that you appear dignified, and avoid any reference to drug use or the profane. Ultimately, your photos should represent the best side of yourself.


Twitter can be an important tool for staying up to date with developments in your industry, whether it is announcement of new technology or interesting political commentary regarding your field. However, as we have all seen, with many celebrity feuds, there can be a negative side to Twitter that can bring out the worst in people. Therefore, Hiring Managers will analyse your Twitter activity to search for this.

Hiring Managers may focus on:

  • If you engage in debates or ‘fights’ online, and how you represent yourself – is it in a polite, informed and kind way, or are engaging in inappropriate or hate-driven arguments. Ultimately, they will pay attention to the content of your Tweets, and what kinds of things you are retweeting. This can work in your favour, if you are writing engaging, clever, funny, insightful Tweets, this could entice the Hiring Manager to get to know more about your personality.

  • The kind of people that you follow. Hiring Managers may analyse the nature of the people that you follow to get a sense of how you use Twitter, or even your political values, or general interests. They may use this information to determine how well you may fit into company culture.

Tips for Potential Candidates:

  • Adjust your social media accounts privacy settings, especially on Facebook and Instagram so that you have better control over what Hiring Managers can and can’t see, and you can better curate your social media presence to present yourself in the best way possible.

  • Make sure that everything that you put on your resume, is represented online and lines up with your online presence – in terms of past roles, or involvement with charities, or your general values and skills.

  • Put your best foots forward every time you post, always keep in mind who could possibly be looking in the future, and make sure that all posts line up with your value system and personal goals.

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