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Advancements in Internet Network Security

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Advancements in Internet Network Security

Quantum networks are the next generation of internet security. Quantum engineers and scientists are beginning to see its potential for created unprecedented less of valuable security and privacy.

Why is a Quantum Network More Secure Than a Regular Network?

Quantum networks utilise the quantum properties of photons. (The types of particles that create electromagnetic radiation such as light, of course!) This network cannot be hacked, in the way that computer code can.

How does a Quantum Network Work?

A quantum network relies on something called multiplexing entanglement. Entanglement is a theory first investigated by Einstein. For those in the industry, this is child’s play. However, for us mere mortals, here is a brief explanation:

  • Entanglement links two particles, so that you can measure just one and understand the state of the other. Regardless of how far apart they are.

  • Multiplexing Entanglement splits pairs of photons from a laser. The laser is made up of wavelengths that hold data streams.

  • The photons within this data stream are split to make up a system that you can determine the state of one, by looking at the other. In the same way that 0 and 1s work in computer coding.

Instead of connecting users one-to-one as is done on a regular network, between 50 and 100 users could use the system at once.

To learn more about quantum entanglement, check out this article and video.

Developments in Quantum Communications

The University of Bristol is making great strides in the development of this technology.

Quantum Engineer (one of the most exciting jobs of the future), Siddarth Joshi and his team are testing a quantum network on optical fibres in Bristol. This is allegedly the largest entanglement network in the world.

However, the Chinese government is also set on developing this technology. There is a goal in China to build a quantum network to connect Beijing and Shanghai.

Across the globe, quantum engineers and scientists are realising the need for privacy and security. As a result, the development of a quantum network is gaining a lot of attention. Especially for national security purposes.

However, at this stage the experts are having concerns with scalability. The encryption component of the network could be lost, if the network became too large. The Bristol University team is sure that these are issues that can be overcome. In this case, the quantum network would be able to securely connect millions of devices.

This kind of advancement in technology is incredibly exciting. It harnesses one of the most phenomenal aspects of the physics of our universe, that confounded even Einstein.

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