Buildings Newsletter | May 2022

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Titan is excited to share that there is an increase in activity from our clients, with multiple requests to assist with resource demands following the recent budget announcement. During the second quarter of 2022, the Federal Budget announcement has committed over $2.1 billion to the state's infrastructure pipeline. With continued investments focusing on infrastructure projects, this has led to an upstream in new projects being launched, showing positive signs of an increase in job vacancies month on month. The Government's national rolling 10-year infrastructure investment pipeline will increase from $110 billion to over $120 billion, a new record, with investments in new and existing infrastructure projects in every state and territory.

Women in Engineering: With the significant increase in jobs after the budget released earlier this year on major project expansions, it is exciting to read why construction should be a career of choice for more women in the industry. It is with great pleasure to share that the Titan Team is continuously interacting with women every week, scheduling interviews, and creating life-changing opportunities. According to Construction Training Fund, women make up less than 85% of industry professionals. Early indicators highlight a potential annual growth of 3.4% between 2022 and 2025 within the construction industry nationwide. The anticipated growth and robust project pipeline should be a significant pull factor for industry professionals, especially women looking for a strong, stable, and secure working environment. 

Salaries: According to the Association of Professional Engineers Australia 2021/22 report on remuneration, average wages for engineers rose by just 1.6% over the last 12 months, compared to 2.4% in the year prior. Another survey has been done where it has shown that 49.2% of engineers change jobs seeking an increase in remuneration, whereby 51.7% change for professional development and better opportunities. Whilst there is a massive demand for skilled engineering professionals in the sector, the market has been stable, and candidates are still moving for professional development prospects rather than financial means. Regular feedback received from candidates on what they consider as motivating factors for accepting new opportunities includes, working on bigger projects and being seen as an individual and not just a number. 

Skilled Shortages: According to the Urban Developer, skills shortages are one of the biggest challenges currently faced by the construction industry in Australia. Construction job vacancy statistics show an upward trajectory of 80 percent since 2019. Early predictions are alluding to more than 100 000 unfilled roles within the sector by 2023. Arcadis mentioned in their latest construction cost index report that this number would be almost 50 percent greater than the number of people who are expected to be qualified to fulfill the demand.

Recruitment: Titan has partnered with clients to ensure we get more skilled individuals into the country via skilled sponsorships to address the growing market demands. This approach will contribute to our efforts in assisting companies and projects in reaching their respective deadlines promptly with the relevant professionals accessible through our strong network. 

Key Project Announcements:

  • The Town of Port Hedland will invest $19.4 million to construct a new Port Hedland Community Centre complex.

  • Decmil Construction has secured an $18.1 million contract from the Town of Port Hedland to construct the new building.

  • Edge Visionary Living is managing the redevelopment of the Ocean Beach Hotel (OBH). The project will involve the development of a 12-storey mixed-use building including residential apartments, short term (hotel) accommodation, tavern/bar, restaurants, retail and commercial at 140 Marine Parade, Cottesloe

  • Acciona, Aecom and Aurecon have won a US$614m contract to design and build the Bunbury Outer Ring Road, Western Australia’s biggest infrastructure project.

If you would like more information regarding any market information please reach out to Jani Els on 08 6467 0605 or email requesting a call back.

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