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Structural Engineering – Taking a Look at The Software Utilised for The Mining Sector

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During my 14 years of engineering recruitment, I've recruited across most of the engineering disciplines for the mining and resources sector, however most of my focus has been within Structural Engineering. Western Australia has seen a number of key resource projects take shape over the last decade or so and Structural Engineering has always been a key focal area right from the start.

Structural Engineering takes place across all the project stages and forms critical importance both at the design stage as well as the construction and operations stages.

I wanted to take a look at some of the key software Structural Engineers utilise for the design and analysis of mining structures, support structures and miscellaneous structures.

Some of the key software utilised by Structural Engineers for mining and resource structures include the following:

SpaceGass: SpaceGass is a powerful structural analysis and design software that is widely used in civil and structural engineering. It is used for Structural Analysis of Mining Infrastructure: This includes assessing the stability and integrity of structures such as processing plants, conveyor systems, storage facilities, and support structures.

Strand 7: Strand7 is a finite element analysis (FEA) software package. Finite element analysis (FEA) involves the use of calculations, models, and simulations to predict and understand how an object might behave under various physical conditions.

Structural Tool Kit: Structural Toolkit is software specifically developed to assist design engineers in producing computations for timber, steel, masonry, and concrete members.

Limcon: Limcon is a structural steel connection design software developed by Bentley Systems. It is specifically designed for the analysis and design of steel connections in structural engineering.

SAFE: SAFE is a specialised structural engineering software developed by Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSI). It is widely used for the analysis and design of reinforced concrete slab systems, including foundation slabs, mat foundations, and elevated slabs.

Staad Pro: STAAD Pro is a powerful software that is used for analysing & designing structures like – buildings, towers, bridges, industrial, transportation, and utility structures.

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