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Nico Viljoen

  • Senior Consultant - Resources
  • Engineering

  • Brisbane

  • Nico is responsible for spearheading our recruitment in the Mining sector across our East Coast Operations. His recruitment career began originally within the Military as an Intelligence Officer for Cape Garrison Artillery in South Africa, actively recruiting for military roles. After completing his studies, Nico joined a large mining recruitment company where he was responsible for overseeing various mining project recruitment across the whole of Africa. Since then, Nico was headhunted to move to Australia where he was assisting with the recruitment of Engineers across Australia and New Zealand.

    His Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology helps in understanding personality, effectively interviewing and evaluating the validity of applicants to ensure that the most qualified candidates are put forward. He is very passionate about the mining industry, as it’s where his recruitment career started and it’s a main part of the rich history and thriving economy that Australia has to offer. His goal is to become a successful and well-known consultant within the industry, and hopes to expand both his personal and Titan’s network in the sector.