Zack Butler is a member of the Resources and Energy team at Titan, specialising in recruiting Instrumentation and Control (I&C) Engineers, as well as Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) Designers. He has almost 1.5 years of experience in recruitment since joining Titan. Zack finds the recruitment industry rewarding as it involves problem-solving, working with people and helping them on their career journeys.

Zack enjoys learning about different companies, projects, and job roles within the Resources and Energy sector. He also likes working with like-minded individuals. Candidates and clients enjoy working with Zack because he can provide access to job opportunities that may not even be advertised yet, can save time and resources, and provide valuable feedback and guidance throughout the job search process. He is professional, responsive, and has a deep understanding of the industry he recruits for.

Prior to joining Titan, Zack worked as a consultant in various industries, including banking, new cars, and home improvement products. Outside of work, Zack enjoys going to music events, hitting the gym or running, trying new restaurants, and is currently learning Spanish.